Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

About Us


We want to be the preeminent institution in the world for Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM – and known for it. We want the next generation to be independent thinkers, visionary creators and social innovators to create value for the society, nation and the world.


Maxplore is committed to empowering today’s youth with an Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM for facing the unknown future challenges. Maxplore will carry out this mission by connecting the right minds, the right ideas and the right values across generations, students, educators and society.

Maxplore Centre for Entrepreneurship is an institute of textbook-free learning established to equip school students and unconventional entrepreneurs with Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM to help overcome new challenges and be successful future leaders.  The team of Maxplore noticed a void in the current academic structure and sensed the urgent need for creating a shift in the realm of school education by providing parallel learning.

In a few years from now, India will be one of the youngest populations in the world, and we will need to have more jobs for the youth than other countries.

What is Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM is not just about setting up a business or building a start-up. It is a creative, problem-solving thought process that leads us to a win-win situation. Entrepreneurial thinking is about looking at any given challenge or situation differently so that one come up with an innovative yet practical solution to it. It is a timeless intelligence which deals with the ability to spot issues, adapt, improvise and advance.

The Right Age 

Children between the ages of 10 to 16 begin to see themselves as autonomous individuals. The driving force for this feeling is the biological changes happening in their body such as puberty, increase in their cognitive maturity and the expectations arises due to these changes. At this age, 

  • Children have an increasing ability to think in abstract manner. This means they can think about anything deeply and in terms of its bigger picture 
  • They display the ability to think logically and use strategic approach to tackle a problem. 
  • Ability to look at situations through multiple dimensions or looking at situations or problems through all aspects at the same time. 
  • Reflecting upon the complicated situation or problems by themselves and also reflecting on the fact that how they reacted to that particular situation or problem. It means they able to self-assess, question themselves, revise their thinking 
  • Delving upon the available possibilities for them and developing the deeper understanding of themselves as an individual also people around them 

For certain individuals, the ability to create, innovate and solve problems in a productive manner comes naturally. For others, these abilities can be inculcated, nurtured and nourished 

Once learnt, children can apply their Entrepreneurship Intelligence to academics, managing pocket money or engaging in extracurricular activities and projects, and eventually shaping their careers. They even develop a sense of empathy and awareness towards their families.


Program for students of age between 10 to 16

Our centre for Entrepreneurship