Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

All of us aspire to be successful. And being so early in life is what only some of us can achieve. However, what some of us can, why not all of us? Despite our earnest endeavour not all things go right all the time. Hence success is not guaranteed even after all our efforts. Keeping the journey continued, if we increase the speed we can reach the goal faster. In all the uncertainties of life the only factor that we can take for granted is our effort. Here’s listing 5 such efforts made by some young and successful entrepreneurs, which if inspired by can make our journey more interesting.


Knowing oneself thoroughly is the key to taking the right decision at the right time. Identifying the core strengths and weaknesses of an individual should be his constant mind game. Examining the actions, reactions, capacity, goals, priorities and procedures makes an entrepreneur evolved and effective with every passing day. Acting without knowledge is wasting effort in vain. Life changes every second and challenges us to think and innovate. If that challenge is accepted all the time with an introspective spirit, new opportunities can be created easily.

Constant Learning

An entrepreneur is a person who creates value out of nothing. In order to do so, one has to learn, unlearn and re-learn all the time. There is no end to chances of growth and things to know, interpret and innovate on.

For identifying where and how to add value one has to be learning and extending his limit in order to push the envelope all the time. Through constant learning from every iota of daily life we can engineer power to experiment, confidence to walk an extra mile, set feasible target and patience to achieve them.

Positive Attitude

The essence of true entrepreneurship is turning every negative into positive. The idea of not taking a no for an answer is searching out the possibilities of any project from the remotest corners and also changing the impossibilities in to the same.

Leaving no stone unturned to keeping striking all the time is the key to sure success. However, being positive does not mean being a wild goose chaser. Realizing the true potential of yourself and the surrounding by a constant SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis and then trying your best to achieve what seems difficult has to be the bottom line.

Public Transport

An entrepreneur cannot exist outside the society. However successful he maybe it is not a good idea to lead an ivory tower existence. Staying in constant touch with commoners leads to better and in-depth understanding of human life, common problems of the common man, the psychographic trends of the society and the everyday demand of his customers.

All the ‘common knowledge’ thus gathered leads him to better his business by serving the end users better and also gather useful resources. An effective way to learn about the woes and wishes of the common man is using the public transport every day for commuting.

Healthy Shower

Lastly a physical practice that keeps the mind and body alert and working, if followed daily. That is an early morning shower of hot and cold water. Both hot and cold water have their own soothing and energizing effects on human mind and body, leading to a cool and composed thinking coupled with active and animated stamina.

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