Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

The digital era has broken both the traditional definition o and the pre-requisites of entrepreneurship. Forget a business space and huge investments, all that matters now is your skills. With the right skill-set, you don’t need anything apart from a computer and an internet connection to start your own venture, right from your home. And in most cases, you don’t even have to be an adult to start an online business.

Here are five easy and doable entrepreneurship ideas that you can explore:


If you are good with fine arts and craftsmanship, start displaying and selling them online. Create a Facebook page, Instagram business account or a Pinterest board to show off your artworks, free of cost. If your work creates a buzz, put them up for sale at the Facebook buying and selling groups. You can take direct orders via phone call and ship the products directly to your customer’s address.


 If you have a flair for writing and have considerable knowledge of any particular domain that you think people might be interested in, start publishing your ideas as a blog. Blogspot and WordPress will give you a head-start as an amateur blogger. Once you get the hang of it, explore the other web publishing platforms like LinkedIn Pulse, Medium and Hubpages. When your content is consumed at a regular interval, then you can start converting. Creating your own website for subscribers, advertisements, paid reviews and promotional write-ups comes at this stage.

Hobby Classes

Took up a hobby since you were young, and have came a considerably long way in mastering the form? If yes, welcome to the world of hobby tutorials. You can start giving dance, music or instrument lessons right at your home, in exchange of a remuneration. The word of mouth publicity works the best in this case. Apart from that, register yourself at online service and solution provider sites. You can also set up a virtual institute in your location for a free listing in Google Maps.

Web Design/Development

If you are good with either codes or Photoshop, join hands with friends and start a web design and development venture. As businesses are gradually taking the online route, there is a surge in the need of skilled web designers and developers. From setting up a site to its customization and maintenance, if you excel in providing glitch-free solutions to all, sky is the limit for you. Start developing your skills on WordPress and other programming languages to offer variety to your clients.

YouTube Videos

Thanks to the success of Indian comedians like AIB and Bhuvan Bam, ‘YouTuber’ is now an acknowledged profession. YouTube has been phenomenal in setting up the stage for audio-visual content in the digital world, which was previously in an image/text-only format. From DIY videos, tutorials, cookery shows, comedy episodes to live Vlogging, this online platform is a treasure trove of audiences with diverse interests that you can target and cater to.

Starting an entrepreneurial journey might have become easier with the digital aids, what remains constant is the patience and perseverance that is required to make any venture successful.

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