Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

As an entrepreneur, you will always strive for the best and every move you make will have some consequences for it. Good or bad. An entrepreneur is a seeker in a way, who keeps on searching for ways to fulfill his objective and creating something which is truly worthwhile.

As an entrepreneur, you will lead a fast-paced life and deal with versatile situations. Naturally, you will need a break from your schedule for refreshment, entertainment and find inspiration. Watching movies could be one of the best ways to find an inspiration.

We have listed five movies that will inspire an entrepreneur.

Jerry Maguire:

The story of a successful sports agent, Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) will enthrall and inspire you. In the movie, Jerry writes a mission statement after having an epiphany. His struggle to survive and evolve as a successful entrepreneur is what captures the plot. This movie teaches us about keeping our aspiration alive in the adversaries and be strong. It also tells us about the importance of public relationships and engagements with the client on a personal basis. You will also get a deeper understanding of the importance of bonding in business relationships.

The Social Network:

This biographical drama film focuses on one of the internet era’s most popular court cases in which allegations regarding cheating and stealing the programming codes were leveled against Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg). This movie shows the attitude and vigor of an entrepreneur. The story emphasizes on the traits of an entrepreneur who strikes an opportunity at the right time. This is surely an inspirational story for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Pirates of Silicon Valley:

This movie is about the rivalry between founders of leading technology companies, Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) and Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) of Apple and Microsoft respectively. The movie focuses on entrepreneurship skills and vision of both the characters, from their early days. Not only does this movie depict the lives of the most successful entrepreneurs of modern day, but also gives an insight on how their college days were.

The Pursuit of Happiness:

Some people never give up and this movie conveys the same. In this movie, a disgruntled, struggling salesman (Will Smith) gets the custody of his son as he prepares to begin a life-changing professional career. The film tells us about optimism, hope, and philosophy. It tells us about father-son bondage and how that relationship becomes a driving force for a father in terms of career development and motivation.


Another movie about the optimism and hope. The story of a failed baseball player, Billy Beane looking for redemption as a baseball team Oakland A’s manager who adopts a controversial mathematical system to choose players. This is also a story about intrinsic planning and decision making.

The underlined theme of all these movies is the same. These movies convey a message that if you are willing to create something with a right attitude and passion, it will happen. If you can think it, you can create it.

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