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She the founder and director of Centonomy Ltd where she is also the Lead Trainer. She is driven by her passion for teaching people how to create wealth and manage money to achieve financial freedom. Waceke has over 10 years’ experience in the investment industry internationally as well as locally. She holds Masters Degrees in Banking & Finance, Professional Accounting. Her work experience has covered diverse areas such as IPO Transaction Advisory, Unit Trust Fund Management, Retirement Fund Management, Stock Brokerage and, Investment Research Analysis. Some of the institutions she has worked for include Balmain NB (Australia), Dyer and Blair Investment Bank, African Alliance Investment Bank and CFC Stanbic.

Waceke is renowned for her ability to break down and demystify money & investments in a way that is relevant for all. This has made her one of the go to leading experts in matters of personal finance for most media outlets. Waceke isthe personal financial columnist for the Saturday Nation and has published over 500 articles for the publication. She has also published various articles in the Business Daily Sunday Nation, Money Magazine and True Love Magazine. She is often called upon by various media to give expert opinion on Personal Finance matters and has appeared on Kiss FM, Capital FM, NTV, K24, KBC, KTN, BBC, and CNBC Africa.

She has been a panelist for UN Women on “Economic Empowerment for Women”. She is also a board member at Old Mutual Securities. She was nominated as amongst the top 50 Women Entrepreneurs in November 2007 by the Business Daily.

Centonomy Ltd, under her leadership, has been able to train up to 10,000 people in different aspects of personal financial management. This has been done through the various training channels that Centonomy offers i.e. Centonomy Corporate trainings, Centonomy 101, Centonomy Campus Edition and the soon to be launched Centonomy Entrepreneur.

Waceke believes that the journey to financial freedom starts with living intentionally.

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