Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

India’s first integrated club to build Ei – Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM at Schools


10 core sessions supplemented with year-round workshops including specially curated sessions for teachers and non-club members.


  • Co-constructivist
  • Learning by doing
  • Near to far
  • Integrated
  • Holistic development


Maxplore’s proprietary 3 step RISE: Research, Ideate and Self-evaluate methodology

Skill Development

Lateral Thinking

Having the ability to look at any situation upside-down, sideways and tangent.

Creative Mindset

Having an ‘Attitude of Latitude’- i.e. a vast, open mind that can conceive more possibilities than others perceive.

Environmental Literacy

Students will understand and appreciate the natural world and learn to act for ensuring a sustainable future


Taking initiative and having self-direction while approaching tasks or projects

Being an Innovator

Choosing to look for more than one right answer, before selecting the best one.

Networking & Collaborating

Creating partnerships and camaraderie, rather than competition and conflicts.

Teamwork & Conflict Resolution

Creating communities of like-minded people, while working together.

Business Skills

Understanding real-world skills such as Management, Time optimization, ethics.

Communication Skills

Expressing one’s ideas and vision with clarity and confidence.

Becoming Changemakers

Taking ownership of a challenge in pursuit of its solution, while making a difference to one’s community, school, city, nation or the world.

Global Awareness

Having a Global perspective on how business, economics and other factors impact the world and becoming responsible global citizens.

Critical Thinking

Having an analytical approach while grasping every angle of a problem and using common sense and rationale, while gauging situations.

Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

Develop an empathetic perspective to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Media Literacy

Using Media to connect and share ideas in a productive and beneficial manner and being accountable netizens.


Paying attention to what the mind is doing in the present moment thereby increasing self-awareness, focus and composure.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Successfully adapting to any change and having a balanced temperament to a variety of situations.


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Steps to become a Maxplorite!

Maxplore Entrepreneurship Club is an independent Club that runs in the schools to develop Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM in students. The Club sessions are custom designed to suit the requirements and challenges of each school. A dedicated set of Maxplore trainers is assigned to each classroom that will facilitate the Club sessions. To know more about the details and functioning of the Club, contact us on

Step 1 – Register with Maxplore. Reach out to us at
Step 2 – Invite us to conduct an Orientation Session
Step 3 – Club – Student Registration & initiation of Maxplore Entrepreneurship Club in your School

The Vision

Creating a generation of change-makers and innovators at School for an uncertain tomorrow. – Walt Disney

Learning should be fun at any age.  Maxplore Club is an attempt to instil and hone entrepreneurial skills in 12 – 16year old’s by introducing them to the core idea without treating it like a formal subject.

The Maxplore concept of introducing entrepreneurship through a school-club programme, is the first of its kind, anywhere in the country. It aims to trigger off the transformation in children by focusing on some key areas, through exciting activities, games and challenges.

Each club session will nurture these young minds towards looking at themselves and their environment, with mindfulness and conscious awareness. It will build a spirit of enterprise by thinking differently and having a visionary approach.

Maxplore Club Privileges

“Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long… We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney

Club members will have access to blogs, regular newsletters, case studies, inspirational stories and other unique offerings that will continuously keep their minds engaged in learning. Each student will have access to the portal via an individual login id.

Maxplore partner schools will also build an alumni community of the Club, which in turn will become a co-participant in the nurturing and growth of the present batches. An involved network of present and ex-students will strengthen the bonds of friendship and partnership beyond the school gates.  A beautiful parent-child connection will be built, as students will be encouraged to engage with their family through the activities