Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Maxplore is taking big leaps in instilling Entrepreneurship Intelligence™ in children – One batch at a Time. May 25th, 2019 saw a batch of young minds enthusiastically exercising their brains to think holistically and out-of-the-box.

Maxplore’s proprietary Coloured Glasses Theory™ guided children to think, ideate and analyse in fun, easy and colourful way.

The playful learning approach kept the students deeply engaged. The interactive activities also helped in internalizing the learning effortlessly.

With designing Avenger cartons to make milk more appealing for children to making Swiggy an inclusive app to include road-side vendors and street-food lovers, Maxplore Centre was filled with such unique and constructive ideas from the participants.

At the end of this half-day camp, students were charged with a sense of confidence and a conscious to overcome challenges innovatively.

To test, practice and gamify the learnings, Maxplore announced the launch of Maxplore’s Ei League™. The participants of Ei League™ will be completing various Entrepreneurship tasks of increasing difficulty to earn points. The winner of the Ei League™ gets exciting prizes and various privileges.

That’s not all, Maxplore has also come up with Ei™ Lab where the children will be given an opportunity to make their ideas real and test it by Prototyping.

With its various programs, Maxplore is providing a holistic platform to learn, test and practice Entrepreneurship to make our children into Innovators, Independent thinkers, Value Creators and Successful Entrepreneurs.

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