Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

What is Eureka! Junior?

Eureka! Junior – For those inquisitive minds who try to solve their problems in the most innovative way. Eureka! Junior provides a platform to present their business idea. It is a competition aimed to improve the entrepreneur in children at an early stage. Designed as a workshop by Maxplore, it is followed by a business model competition at the Entrepreneurship Summit at IIT Bombay.

Workshop by Maxplore

Maxplore has designed and would be conducting special workshops on Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM for students based on the proprietary methodology developed by Maxplore.

Competition Details

Structure and Timeline

The structure of the competition would be as follows:

  1. 17th October- 14th December- Workshops in Schools
  2. 9th December- Deadline for 1st Submission
  3. 17th December- 1st Round Results
  4. 26th December- Deadline for 2nd Submission
  5. 7th January- Finalists announcement
  6. 20th January- Finals

For Schools

Workshop details:

  1. The workshop would be conducted in the school classrooms with a maximum of 60 students in 1 session.
  2. The school would provide with the basic logistics(mikes, projectors) for the workshop.
  3. The workshop would cover the following topics- Idea generation, Team Building, Revenue Model, etc.
  4. The cost for each student would be INR 200/-
  5. For any enquires for the workshop, write an email to

For Students

Please read the Guidelines carefully.

  1. The workshops would be around 1.5 hours long and would cover the basics of entrepreneurship.
  2. All students need to register to take part in the competition.
  3. The students can take part individually or in a team( of max size of 4).
  4. In case, students don’t have their own contact details, they can fill in their parent’s details.
  5. The first submission consists of an online quiz, where all questions are compulsory to answer to be eligible for the next round.
  6. If participating in a team, you need to submit the quiz only once. You need to mention all the team members before submitting.
  7. There would be no extension of the deadline, and no requests would be entertained for the same.
  8. The results would tentatively be announced by 17th December. All the information would be conveyed via the registered email id.
  9. For the second submission, each team has to submit a presentation(for eg Microsoft powerpoint, Google slides, etc.) on their idea (maximum 10 slides) through email at
  10. Based on the presentation, 10 teams would be selected for the finals and would be invited to IIT Bombay.
  11. Each team would get a chance to pitch their idea for 5 minutes and further 5 minutes for questioning.
  12. At the end of the finals, results would be announced and prizes would be awarded.


50,000 INR Prize Money

Courses worth Rs. 1 Lakh

Free invitation to E-Summit’19


Title Sponsor

Gifting Partner


For more information, call us on 022 24339600

For Students/Parents

1-day session will be conducted at Maxplore Entrepreneurship Centre, Prabhadevi on Friday or Saturday. The entry fee is Rs. 200 per student. Fill the following form to apply.


For Schools

Maxplore will conduct these sessions in the School. Fill the following form to organize the training session in the school.