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Communication is one of the original signs of human development and the advent of civilization. Signs and symbols later lead to language which was inspired from natural sounds like that of running water, gushing wind, brushing leaves and calls and cries of animals. Exchange of mental waves brought humans close to each other by dissolving savage differences between them, which in turn formed clusters, which later came to be known as the society.

Proper coordination in human society keeps peace and leads to holistic improvement. Human communication plays the most crucial part in it. Better understanding of each other gives us the strength and unity of living life fruitfully. In order to achieve that end, we must abide by certain basic principles of communication which helps us maintain perfect coordination even in a situation of chaos.

Here they are enumerated in the form of 5 Bs.

Let’s go through them quickly.

Be Clear

Being sure of one’s agenda is the prerequisite of effective communication in the team. If any team member is unsure of one’s goals and objectives, responsibilities and requirements it is imperative for him or her to ask and let it be clear. A confused or ill-informed mind can lead to lack of focus and wrong direction for the whole team, ultimately causing failure. To ensure wholesome understanding in the team, the team leader can test the general understanding of the team at the end of any discussion.

Be present

It is absolutely essential for every team member to listen attentively to all communication that happens in the team. Effective attention is the key to fruitful execution of responsibility. Being physically present is not enough to meet the real goal of teamwork. Mental alertness with a proper appreciation of each other’s viewpoint, exchange and clarification of doubts lead to holistic comprehension meeting the purpose of the team.

Be courteous

Maintaining proper manners, courtesy and behavioral protocol is the key to co-operation, good team health and coordinated efforts to success. Respecting each other’s opinion, lending attention to each other’s words, well punctuating personal quotes with polite phrases like ‘excuse me’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’ etc. leads to mutual respect and good working relationship. Refraining from personal comments, throwing harsh attitude towards each other are all harmful for good group exchange.

Be flexible

Communication in a team will not always go as desired. In the event of contrasting opinions, mutual disagreement and war of words it is imperative for every team member to be adjusting, flexible and understanding. Hearing out each other with a receptive attitude does not necessarily mean compromising on personal opinion. Rather paying peaceful attention to a debate often makes finding the solution to the problem easier.

Be kind

The attitude of the team members should be kind and conducive to each other. Backstabbing, gossiping and being hateful towards each other harms. Abstain from being opinionated if there is nothing constructive to speak about. Warmth and kind consideration takes the team a long way.

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