Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

As kids they start sensing the world from all their senses, they have questions that never seem to end. They are curious about everything and anything new to them excites them. This state of mind is the best time to grow the creative side of the child.

A creative mind after all, is the one that can give solutions to problems that have been existing for long. Here are some ways to boost the creativity of your child:

Freedom to express

This is perhaps one of the earliest things to do. You must always patiently listen to your child. The child should be encouraged to speak his/her mind. The curiosity will give rise to questions. Those questions on being received well, encourage the child to speak his/her mind without any filters.
This entire process will basically let the child think of all the possible ways anything would or wouldn’t work. This ultimately helps a child think out of the box.

Freedom of choice

Always follow the trails of your child’s activities and not lead them on what to do. Every child has a natural inclination towards something. To understand what that is, the child should be given the liberty to indulge in as many activities as possible.
This is very likely to lead you to your child’s natural talent that can be nurtured to greater levels.

Learning foreign languages

Languages like Chinese, German, Japanese, etc. helps a lot. There is a technical reason behind it. Unlike the mass languages (English and Hindi) which have a set of fixed characters, foreign languages are a lot different. The characters greatly vary owing to the diction and pronunciation.
Owing to this very critical factor, the importance of learning foreign languages increases because that ultimately boosts creativity.

Extracurricular practices in competitive environments

Extracurricular activities are not just the means of recreation, they are the most powerful means to trigger creativity. This happens because the regular academics are very likely to create monotony and extracurricular activities counter that monotony.

And when these activities are carried out in a competitive environment, they trigger the children to be creative, focus more and perform better.

Brain teasers

Brain teasers are perhaps one of the best ways to awaken the creative side of the child. When you ask a question that riddles the brain, the brain is forced to exercise more than usual. This boosts the problem-solving ability of the child.

This is ultimately the outcome of creativity.


Considered as a bane by a lot but is surely a boon too. The digital age kids have seen and learned things more through the LCD screen than their own eyes. What grew as means of entertainment has also grown to be great tools of learning.

Now, the digital devices like tablets, laptops, etc., with applications of highly interactive nature, children have started to learn rather fast. One of the reasons is the dynamic visuals, that are a level above the illustrative books.

With the enlisted points above, there are high chances for your child to remain mentally more active and greatly increase the creativity.

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