Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

We have been living in the golden age of technology for quite some time now. We have started to understand well how we could harness its potential in the right directions. Technology has taken care of various problems faced by humans as we have progressed with time.

But this doesn’t simply end here. When we have tasted the extents to which we can progress, we’re left being hopeful about reaching the next levels. And this is a fair expectation as long as our motives are towards the betterment of humanity.

There are broad categories that would always have some free space to accommodate and incorporate technology.


Now that we have high-speed internet around, we have access to a whole new world of free and endless information. We can browse on numerous websites and look up for the information we’re seeking.
Apart from that, distance education takes a whole new avatar with the internet. Earlier what used to be printed material being sent through post, is now taking the shape of webinars, online lessons, etc.


Research is a part of all the things around and we are, where we are because of research. Right from the grains for consumption to the vehicles we drive. We research to eliminate the hindrances of progress by devising solutions more advanced than the current ones.
There are endless departments that need to be constantly up to date in this extremely competitive world. Pharmacy, agriculture, engineering, etc. are some of the broad categories that must be regularly updated. Technology here plays a major role.

Environment conservation and protection:

Everyday, we come across news of forest fire, landslides, floods, species going extinct and other natural calamities. This is the recoil we are experiencing owing to the rate with which we are rapidly growing disturbing the balance of nature.
With technology, we can conserve the consistent losses that we are incurring by losing touch with our natural habitat as humans.

Military and surveillance

We live in the age in which there is constant tension in the air. The vulnerability to any major outbreak happens to be very high in that case. Although peace is all we want, we must still be prepared to protect our citizens. With the best and the most advanced technology, it is possible.

Added to this, nipping any trouble in the bud would be a more preferred option. Advanced surveillance technology can help circumvent any major accident by monitoring suspicious activities.

Going beyond the horizon

So far, we have been extremely successful in stepping out of our land and stepping on foreign lands in the astronomical scale. This is as a matter of fact, going to go further as we keep exploring.

Any signs of life outside earth on any other celestial body could lead to the sustenance of humans for longer.

The above points could be considered individually or could be interconnected. But the truth is, that they all need technology because we need all of them.

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