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For a student’s overall growth, perfection holds a higher value than being promoted from one grade to the next. While this is true, we often are shortsighted and like to believe the opposite. As a student, when we score 75% and are promoted to the next grade, we often consider that the job we were assigned in the previous year’s classes is over.

However, this understanding is far from the truth. A result reflecting 75% marks essentially means that the student’s foundation of knowledge is 25% weak. This is why aiming for perfection rather than promotion is essential. Read on to understand why perfection should be the primary focus in a student’s life.

“Fix your eyes on perfection and you make almost everything speeds towards it.” – William Ellery Channing

Perfection and discipline are interwoven

Every endeavor requires discipline. A true achievement is always built on the foundations of a strong disciplined mind. The ability to fend off all distractions and single-mindedly focus on learning results in the perfection of knowledge. Perfection is essentially a state where you no longer require any improvement in an area of learning; where your knowledge is flawless and whole. To achieve such a state, discipline is key, which in turn is the most precious skill to possess to carve out success in the future. In contrast, if we are focused on promotion, we miss out on building a strong foundation for the future.

Perfection leads to achieving the highest potential

What is the ultimate objective of acquiring knowledge by a student? Gaining recognition in life, achievement of goals and finding acceptance within a certain stratum of the society are the three things we obtain education for. Our highest potential is a position where we have explored all of our intellectual resources in order to produce something of the highest material value to ourselves and in society.

In order to establish ourselves fully in our lives, achieving our highest potential by aiming for perfection is essential. If we spend our valuable time and energy pursuing something as temporary and ephemeral as being promoted to the next grade, we will never fully come to know, explore and understand our true potential.

Perfection translates confidence into victory

Intellectual potential is God’s gift to us. When we add confidence to intelligence, quick short-term success is often assured. However, basing your life on only confidence backed by the security that our intelligence provides us with is a mistake. We have to understand that intelligence is like a sword which needs constant sharpening. If you do not make space for disciplined practice in your life, perfecting your intelligence to make it work for you whenever you need would not be possible.

To achieve long-term victory in life, building a strong foundation of knowledge, sharpening your intellect through practice, and aiming higher towards perfection is key. While promotion is an essential part of a student’s overall growth, it is not the only ingredient that makes the student a complete success. Aiming for perfection over promotion would assure both, short-term as well as long-term success.

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