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Have you heard of millennials? You see, millennials are mostly people aged between 19-36 years. They are called so because they were born nearing the new millennium. Most of them have now reached adulthood, and they are a generation that experts love to analyze.

This is possibly because they are currently the largest generation by population size. They are often perceived, by mainstream media to be lazy and narcissistic. Since they have grown up with the internet, they are often called Digital Natives as well.

All of this prejudice is mostly because they have a different approach to life than their predecessors. Their idea of being ‘grown up’ also seems to be rather different from earlier generations, and they have a rather non-traditional approach to changes in their life stages.

Not only are they not willing to get married and settle down early, they also seem to prefer avoiding other ‘traditional’ proofs of adulthood, like buying a house or maintaining a steady job. Their unique sense of self, and their interest in amassing life experiences instead of wealth, also add to their quirkiness.

Future Leaders

In spite of all this, millennials are our future leaders. They have entered the workforce and hold a majority of the jobs currently available. Additionally, in spite of their reputation as lazy individuals, they are driven to learn, explore and understand their chosen industry when they are motivated. This allows them to become great future leaders.

Here are three other reasons millennials would make great future leaders:

Looking for Continuous Growth

Millennials look for jobs that allow them to grow not only their skill set, but also as people. This makes them switch jobs like they do clothes, if they do not believe their job will help them improve themselves. On the other hand, in jobs they do find stimulating, they make for excellent employees and managers. They proactively seek out information when they don’t know something, either through the internet or by asking questions to colleagues or seniors and make efforts to put their all in to their work.

Additionally, they have a rather positive outlook on life, which helps them to overcome failures. They are more likely to consider their failures as lessons and stepping stones to their success.

Believes in Teamwork

Teamwork is extremely important to millennials. They cooperate well with their team and usually have a rather inclusive work culture. This makes them great leaders because they will try to make every employee feel welcome and validated.

Have an Entrepreneurial Streak

Many millennials don’t like the traditional 9-5 jobs and prefer being their own boss. They understand the problems facing the world and have solutions they want to bring out to the world. Moreover, they prefer following their passions and staying true to themselves, over being stuck in well-paying but soul leeching jobs. This leads many of them to actually go out and set up their own business and become leaders in their respective fields.

Thus, millennials are a great inspiration for all future generations. All of you can learn from them and become even better than them as you grow older and find your place in the world.

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