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In one way or other, we all are influenced or some of them are fascinated by the revolution in the telecom industry. The unprecedented rise in mobile phone usage and decline in data costs in encouraging people to avail these services even in remote areas of India.

The Man Who Started the Price War in Indian Telecom Sector

We cannot ignore the fact the price war in the Indian telecom sector was first started by Sunil Bharti Mittal, founder and, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group. Today many people are impressed by his pledge to donate 7000 crores for setting up Satya Bharti University for Science and technology. His philanthropic arm, Bharti foundation has donated money to over 50 schools in Madhya Pradesh and has donated Rs 200 million to IIT Delhi.

Lineage Is Not Important, Passion Is

His journey and rise from being a bicycle manufacturer to a telecom tycoon are fascinating to many. He was born into the family of a politician but he chooses his own way. He went to Brij Mohan Lall Munjal the patriarch of India’s biggest manufacturer of two-wheelers, Hero MotorCorp to borrow rupees 5000 from him for setting up his business.

Struggle Teaches a Lot

During his years as a bicycle manufacturer, he traveled in trucks carrying his consignments and preferred trains over expensive flights for longer journeys. He preferred to stay at inexpensive hotels but treated his vendors and employees passionately. He made sure that they are nurtured in an innovative, resourceful and flexible atmosphere.

Keeping Calm and Cool Yields the Results

This is the something that most of the business schools and entrepreneurs will try to teach you about but it’s hard to implement in our daily lives. He is known for his calm and composed behavior.

He still reminds his old struggling days and can easily relate to the situations and adversities the customers, employees or vendors are facing. This has helped him to create a sustainable customer base that is loyal to him.

He started an import enterprise named Bharti Overseas Trading company in 1980 and purchased importing licenses to import Suzuki Motor’s portable electric-power generators from Japan. In 1983, the government banned the import of generators and distributed the manufacturing rights to just two companies. Suddenly, Sunil Mittal was out of business.

He was traveling to Taiwan and recognized the popularity of the push-button phone. Seeing this, he decided to embrace the telecom business. This shows that he has an impeccable sense of identifying opportunities. He also has the capacity to deal with failure in a positive manner.

Balance Is Crucial

Identification and subsequent attachment with anything create issues about the authority and power and that may complicate everyday operations in a team. To practice this philosophy, he practices yoga and tries to detach from the negative energies. He learns a lot to us in terms of consistently delivering quality work and compassion towards the cause.

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