Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Partner with Us

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together like You and Us.

Let us grow together and do what we are passionate about – training young minds to become successful and valued individuals.

If you are a trainer providing skills training to children or an institute sharing our vision, we could collaborate and contribute to each other’s growth story.

We would like to hear more from you. Fill in the details provided in the side box and we will get in touch with you.

Why Join Us?

  • Impact Oriented: We are one of the leading institutes in the space of Entrepreneurship and oriented in making a positive impact in young minds.
  • Resources: We have the infrastructure (physical and technical) and the reach
  • Technology Oriented: We tap the potential of advance technology in the way we design and deliver our programs
  • Enterprising: Brainstorming, innovating, co-creating and supporting is in our work culture and we would appreciate your new ideas or desire to do something in a different manner.
  • Work Life Balance: We value Work Life Balance
Join us, not as a vendor or employee but as a partner with Maxplore considering it as your own Entrepreneurial venture.

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