Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Our Programs

Think. Ideate. Analyze.
  • Intriguing, fun, interactive and practical activities for students
  • Workshop focused on Problem Identification, Idea Generation & Business Idea Evolution
  • Opportunity to learn and practice Ei™ through Maxplore’s proprietary Coloured Glasses TheoryTM
  • Learn how to showcase your innovative ideas to an audience with Max Launch™
  • Certificate of Participation from Maxplore

Fees: Rs. 2000/-

Innovate. Prototype. Create.
  • A place to take ideas further
  • Workshop focused on techniques of Prototyping via 3D Printing
  • Pair essential technical skills with Ei™ such as Website & App Development
  • Explore the applications of the Coloured Glasses Theory™
  • Certificate of Participation from Maxplore

Fees: Rs. 3000/-

Learn. Live. Be
  • 3 Modules of 10 Hours each
  • Each module covered in 4 – 5 engaging & focussed sessions.
  • In-depth coverage of Enterprise building & management tailored for school students.
  • Triggers the holistic entrepreneurial transformation in children
  • Exclusive Club Members Privileges – Blogs, Newsletters, Case Studies, Inspirational stories

Fees: Rs. 10,000/- (per Module)

  • New themes every 2 months
  • Cash prizes
  • A chance to convert your child’s talent into a business
  • A chance to go international

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