Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Foundation Program

Program Overview

WHY – In today’s competitive world it important that we make our students look beyond syllabus, think creatively, independently and innovatively, before our students set goals to become an Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Lawyer, Writer or an Architect and enters the commercial world. Whilst History, Geography and Literature teach our students to be learned citizens, Science and Maths teaches them to solve problems. It is high time that we combine theory and practical commercial experience in some form that would make our Education system truly an ‘Enabler’ and not a ‘Blocker’.

WHAT – Maxplore Program on Entrepreneurship is a practical project-based program for School Students of age 10 to 16 engage them constructively, go beyond the syllabus and understand and experience the real-life situations of the changing commercial world.

Maxplore Programs

HOW – Currently there are two scheduled programs :

  1. Maxplore Foundation Program
  2. Maxplore Rise Business Model Competition – 2020


Exercise Resource

At the beginning of each batch each Students would be given Maxplore Book that contains detailed instructions for School, Students and Parents. Additionally Students would be given a detailed Activity Chart containing activities to be performed in each session.

Benefits of Maxplore Program

Maxplore attempts to overcome the challenges and limitations in the existing fixed subjects through textbook approach of learning. It is aimed to make students:

  1. Think independently, innovatively and creatively
  2. Discover themselves and follow their heart
  3. Communicate and collaborate with parents, teachers and society
  4. Engage constructively into learning business instincts
  5. Pursue the right options, real opportunities and make informed decisions

Maxplore would enable students to improve their analytical skills, build team spirit, engage them meaningfully with fellow students, parents, teachers and the society at large and give them the confidence of facing the real commercial world.

Dear Students,

By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 percent of its population in the working age group that would include you, your brothers, sisters and friends. On the other hand, Globalization and Information Technology has opened fascinating opportunities for your generation to gainful engage in the new knowledge-based economy.

Whilst History, Geography and Literature would make you learned citizens, Science and Maths would teach you to solve problems. It is time that you think creatively and independently, that would help discover yourself and assist you to unleash your true potential.

You are the next Innovators, Creators, Builders and Leaders in today’s knowledge-based economy. Before you set goals to become an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Writer or an Architect, it is important that you understand your passion to enable you to more meaningfully pursue your career. Remember, you can be successful only if you follow your heart, pursue the right options, real opportunities and make informed choices in life. Prepare your own Project Book on Entrepreneurship by taking the following steps:

Dear Principals,

Socio-economic background of India needs no new explanation. With one of the largest and youngest populations in the world, for decent living, India needs more Job Creators than Job Seekers. It is only ‘Entrepreneurship’ that can, and would, promote economic opportunity to all.

Entrepreneurship Education does not appear in our curriculum and admittedly to do so at the elementary school level would virtually be an impossible task.

Globally project based activity is proved to be the best teacher for students. It also enables students to improve their analytical skills, build team spirit, engages them meaningfully to communicate and collaborate with fellow students, parents, teachers and the society at large.

Hence, in order to impart basic entrepreneurial instincts amongst students, we recommend schools to conduct Maxplore Boot Camp & Maxplore Foundation Program.

Dear Parents,

Today’s parents often complain that the educational curriculum is too theoretical and does not teach commercial cleverness to the students; whereas, historically only select children whose parents own businesses get this nurturing right from their birth, placing others at a distinct disadvantage. It is only aggressive commitment to build entrepreneurial mindset right from school level that can offer the means to remove this disparity. And this cannot happen without your strong commitment and active support to your children.

At the time when globally thousands of experiments in entrepreneurship education at secondary schools are already underway, our question cannot be “should we do something?” Instead, it should be “how can we make it happen?” We all will therefore need to find ways to engage and encourage entrepreneurial spirit across all children.

Today, many parents complain that their children are spending most of their time watching television channels, playing computer games or are on the mobile phones. They also often complain that today’s younger generation is not engaging in any creative activity, or even participating in meaningful discussions on any topic. Also remember that merely scoring 90% and above or getting admissions by paying huge donations in colleges or institutions is no guarantee of successful career for your children.

The old text-book examination approach may have worked well in past, but today’s globalised knowledge-based economy is fundamentally different. It demands constant innovative thinking, new expertise, original talent and novel skills. Whether our children ultimately become entrepreneurs and offer employment to others or get employed with others, it is important that they learn to invest in themselves and know that they have options. Their future lies in your ability to encourage them to think independently and be innovative in life.

Maxplore Program is an attempt to address these very basic issues in a more holistic manner. Remember, you are not helping your child; you are helping yourself to be a good parent also!

  • Encourage your children to participate in Maxplore Boot Camp & Maxplore Foundation Program.
  • Get involved, discuss, participate constructively, assist them in preparing the Maxplore Programs.
  • Most importantly, do not influence or impose your ideas on your children. Allow them to think Independently and Creatively.
  • Listen to your children patiently.
  • Do not criticise or argue with them. Allow them to make mistakes.
  • Omkar English School, Dombivali
  • SS English High School, Yerwada, Pune
  • Jijamata English School, Sanaswadi, Pune
  • Vidhyanchal School, Pune
  • Brilliant Academy, Phaltan
  • Progressive Convent School, Phaltan

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