Building Ei : Entrepreneurship IntelligenceTM

Entrepreneurship is a conscious effort towards exploring the multiple dimensions of your personality and inherent skills. It tests your competence and capabilities to a greater extent in adversities. Obviously, an entrepreneur needs motivation from time to time to fight the odds and succeed.

Believe in Yourself

Finding the full expression of who you are is an important aspect of entrepreneurship. You should keep reminding it to yourself that you have chosen this path to lead your life in your own way. This reminder is important because this helps you to choose your plan of action on your own and not succumb to the pressures of the society or the family.

Organise Your Energies

Managing an enterprise does not necessarily mean managing your assets and human resources only. It also means managing your body and mind in such a way that your performance is at the optimum level.

Regular physical exercise, healthy diet, and meditation techniques will help you to relax your body and mind so that you are at your best. If you are able to manage yourself effectively, you can manage your business efficiently.

Good Morning!

The early start of the day empowers and energizes you with lots of vigor and energy. It creates necessary ambiance for your energies to sustain and work positively. The morning time gives you ample opportunity and energy to plan and assess your schedule.

This time is ideal for choosing the right strategy and decide the future course of action. You will be able to introspect your actions and make plans accordingly.

Don’t Lose Focus

Sometimes you may be entangled in some adversities and may find it difficult to keep up the energy to tackle your problems. Do not lose focus. Keep reminding yourself that this phase too shall pass and work towards resolving the issues that you might have.

Relax Occasionally

Yes. Focusing on work is important and so is relaxation. In leisure time, you can go out for a drive, watch inspirational films and listen to the good music. Listening to music will reap benefits instantly.

Going out with friends and families will also uplift your mood. They are the ones who love you unconditionally. Interacting with them will give you a whole new perspective on your life and goals. In retrospect, you will analyze your actions and make the necessary changes, if required.

You have chosen your path to lead your life on your own terms and conditions. Let us make the whole journey joyous and prosperous by being motivated and inspired.

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