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In the most general sense, empathy would mean the ability to understand each other’s feelings. To care for each other pro-actively is the core element of being an empath. Some are natural empaths, while some aren’t. We must accept both and that’s a part of empathy too!

As we work in highly social environments, it is rather vital to inculcate the values of empathy within us. Especially when we work in teams but ultimately, we must give results as a single unit.

In any case, the need to understand empathy is important for every team player to perform in a positive environment. Here are the ways by which every player can know about empathy.

Break the ice

There would always be a communication gap unless the ice is broken. The sooner the ice is broken, the better it is for the team. Otherwise, the chances of working together and producing great results get slimmer with the time passing.
On the other hand, opening up to each other and increasing the interaction will lead to knowing each other more and better.

Be a good listener

It is one of the best feelings for anyone in trouble to have a patient ear by his side. Even though the person listening to my not be able to sort an issue. Psychologically speaking, this builds a sense of confidence among the teammates and the levels of trust arise.
This would ultimately lead to better coordination among the team members which would result in increased overall efficiency of the team.


There is a positive change in the overall performance of the team once you accept your teammate as one of your own. This stage is not achieved overnight. You come across both strengths and flaws of your teammate as you spend more time together.
The moment you accept your teammates as they are, is when the team starts working as a unit.

Motivate each other

This is an extremely vital part of teamwork. Going through ups and downs are a part and parcel of any journey and a team effort is no exception. Success must be celebrated together, and failure must be overcome together.
When going through a low phase, it is important for each member to stay motivated and motivate the teammates too. This way, you come back stronger.

Stick together

Stick together as a team and back each other up in case of individual crisis or emergency. In case a teammate is facing troubles with a task and you are capable of handling it, help him/her out.
This would not only save your team mate’s time and efforts but also it would prevent the team from taking a hit overall.

Empathy isn’t an overnight achievement, but with simple and regular practices like the above mentioned, you surely will start understanding the value of it.

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