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What was the biggest international sporting event that the country has ever witnessed? No points for guessing, it’s the FIFA U-17 world cup that took place in India, for the first time in October 2017. Also, this event left the football enthusiasts waiting with a bated breath, for it was the first time India took part in a FIFA tournament.

As most of you would know, England team won the title, in a titillating battle against Spain, the much-speculated finalists. Their epic comeback from a dwindling 2-0 to a winning 5-2 is going to be a cherished story in the history of sports. And not just in terms of soccer skills, the young performers left us some valuable lessons to be followed in life as well.

Lesson #1 Never Let Go OF Your Spirit

When Spain raged ahead of the race with a two-goal lead, it wasn’t easy for the England strikers to recover from the loss. Especially when the first goal was scored within just ten minutes, many speculators started to lose hope, which was later affirmed by the fierce second goal by Sergio Gomez near the half-hour mark. When the situation becomes as adverse as this, it is, indeed, difficult to stay level-headed. But if you can manage to take the stress, well, you know the outcome.

Lesson #2 The Grind Is Worth Every Penny

When life gives you a shaky start, what do you do? If struggle and difficulties manage to encumber your will, that’s when you accept the defeat, even if your defeat hasn’t been announced. Imagine if Spain wouldn’t give them a tough fight, this thrilling tale of a swashbuckling comeback would not be created in the first place. When struggle comes your way, they serve a purpose of adding little spices that will only enhance the magnitude of you accolades in the long run.

Lesson #3 Attitude Makes All The Difference

When somebody mentions underdogs, how do you look at it? You can look at them either as potential losers or as people who have no added pressure of expectancy on their shoulders. When you are underrated, you attitude defines whether you gain or lose something from it. The team’s scoring five goals without response and Rhian Brewster’s winning the Golden Boot tells us a lot about the attitude that stands still against all odds.

The game in the field is strangely similar to the game of life, both comprised of loss and win, fights and hardships and hope and despair. What decides the fate is your determination to work on your strengths and the ability to see the silver lining even in the darkest clouds.

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