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That the man of many parts, Steven Paul Jobs, who lived from 1955 to 2011, was an American entrepreneur and industrial designer is common knowledge. So are his earthly laurels of being the chairman, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc, a member of the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors, inventor of Ipad, Toy Story, the Mac Air, the Apple II+ etc.

His contributions apart, his life too was an extraordinary one, one that not all of us, those who benefit from his innovations, are aware of. So, here’s sharing a few facts from the life of Steve Jobs, as we know him, a man who stood through the thick and thin of life to make it worth living.

  1. He dropped out of college: He went to Reed College for one semester and then dropped out, thus joining the league of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to prove formal education not a must for big thinking.
  2. He knew his roots later: Mona Simpson, the noted novelist of the 80s is his biological sister, something which he came to know only after he grew up, in the 90s. The reason behind this was that he was given away to adoption after he was born.
  3. He is a Zen Buddhist: He contemplated joining a monastery to become a monk. The Zen monk he followed got him married. His richness and faith never came into conflict with each other as it was all about keeping the line between attachment and overindulgence.
  4. He made the game breakout: The arcade game developed and published by Atari was built and aided by him. While he went from Atari to form Apple, founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell formed the revolutionary restaurant chain Chalk E. Cheese.
  5. He is a pescatarian: He ate only fish and no other meat, eating everything else any vegetarian would eat.
  6. He was offered a summer job with HP at 12 years: At 12, he built a frequency counter. Unable to get parts he called the then CEO of HP, Bill Hewlett to ask for extra parts, who offered him a summer job with HP after speaking to him for minutes, which he accepted.
  7. He was fired from Apple: He wanted to drop the price of Macintosh and advertise it better. Mac sales were not doing well then, but Apple’s then CEO John Sculley put the onus on software and not price. A tiff with the board of directors followed and he was asked to leave the company which he formed.
  8. He has over 300 patents to his name: Apart from i pad, i phone and Macbook there are many more product patents to his name all of which sum up to 300! Some of those include desktop computers, iPods, laptops, keyboards and mice, packaging, power adapters, display devices and even the glass staircase inside of some Apple retail stores.
  9. He was the mentor to Google’s founder: Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page wanted him to be Google’s CEO, but he refused, only to be their mentor later.
  10. He was against opposed apps: He was initially against third-party apps on iPhone. A member of Apple’s board of directors called him six times to convince. Ultimately, he agreed.

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