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Are you an inventor, and do you believe that your inventions can change the world? If so, you could get a chance to be supported by the UNICEF. They provide a platform for young inventors such as yourself, to put forward your inventions for use world over. They call it social entrepreneurship.

Take a look at these five stories of social entrepreneurship that were supported by UNICEF.

Kim Van’s “Assist People with Disabilities on Public Transportation” Project

Kim Van is a young Vietnamese girl who was born with a disability. She is confined to a wheelchair and cannot walk. However, her disability has not broken her spirit, and she was glad for the opportunity that UNICEF provided her with. Under their guidance, she started a project aimed at helping people with disabilities move around in public transportation. She proposes to do so by creating awareness among the general public about the difficulties faced by people with disabilities. Her own life is the example she uses. The project is just starting off, with the initial planning stages complete. She is excited about it and hopes that it will make a real impact.

The “I Imagine Ghana” Project

The “I Imagine Ghana” project was launched by UNICEF to take the solutions provided by the local innovative problem-solvers to scale. That is, UNICEF wanted to provide those problem solvers with financial support and bring their ideas to life. Out of 200 applications, 7 were chosen to be a part of the incubator programme. USD 8,201.00 was provided to these people and needless to say they were quite successful with their projects, that ranged across Child Protection, Health & Nutrition, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, and Voice and Youth Participation.

The UNICEF Innovation Fund

The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to provide financial support to the next generation of start-ups that create communication technology for people with communication impairments. They provide financial support to create technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, data science, etc., to help such people communicate better.

Goggles for The Blind (G4B) By Inventor Anang

A young inventor Anang from Arunachal Pradesh has gained some fame due to his invention, that helps blind people navigate without help. It uses the principle of echolocation that whales, dolphins and bats use to navigate. It uses ultrasound and vibration sensors on the goggles to help locate objects in the way. What’s more, the entire thing has been made from discarded materials. UNICEF is now working to refine Anang’s G4B prototype to take to market.

T.O.M : Vietnam Makeathon

T.O.M stands for Tikkun Olam Makers and is an initiative to allow the growing global Maker movement apply their talents and creativity to design helpful technology for people with disabilities all around the world. In June 2016, over 70 young people including designers, engineers, artisans, medical professionals and children with disabilities came together to design and prototype open source solutions for children with disabilities. While these prototypes may or may not reach the market, T.O.M in partnership with UNICEF provides a great opportunity for such inventions to come to light.

Thus, it is evident that there are many children all over the world with great ideas. You too can join this group. Simply act on your ideas and share results and you could be the next great social entrepreneur!

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