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Being a successful digital influencer requires a blend of passion and cutting-edge professionalism. In today’s digital landscape, YouTube steals the lion’s share of the credit as a launching platform for creative minds into the greater world of media, publishing and advertising. Top Youtubers have millions, even billions of subscribers offering the content creators celebrity status and global visibility.

Here are five top YouTubers who have been successful in stealing the minds and hearts of Indians as invaluable sources of information, perpetual entertainers and much more.

Bhuvan Bam

BB Ki Vines is one of the most popular YouTube content channel in India. With 6.5 million subscribers to the channel and hundreds of thousands of daily views, the online videos created by Bhuvan Bam are a huge sensation in the country. With his un-paralleled creativity and intelligence, Bhuvan has occupied the top spot in YouTube popularity across the country.

A natural entertainer, he plays all the characters in his videos, which happen to add to the uniqueness of his creativity. Comic and hilarious, the videos are sure to tickle your funny bone whatever age you are.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana’s channel on YouTube has 4.8 million subscribers, making him another popular YouTube personality. Widely loved by his loyal viewers, his unique accent and the use of shayari add to the charm of his videos. Having started off on multiple social media platforms, Amit achieved extensive popularity on YouTube where he was able to properly showcase his talent and creativity.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari has won the hearts of millions across the country with his moving motivational speeches. With 4.5 million subscribers to his channel, Sandeep is respected for his originality and for using his creativity for the greater good. His use of simple language to address complex philosophical questions that we may sometimes deal with in our day to day lives makes him a popular personality.

His simplified approach is carefully balanced by his passion to drive home a point, which works wonders when a person is in need of some real motivation for a breakthrough in life.

Vidya Vox

A music artist by profession, Vidya is popular for her music videos on YouTube. Well known for her Bollywood and western ‘mashup’ songs, she achieved celebrity status in India within a short period of time. Vidya’s versatile talent in music as well as in creating world-class videos makes her a magnet to her fans.

Ashish Chanchlani

Another natural entertainer and comedian, Ashish is progressively gaining popularity across the country. With millions of subscribers and views, his popularity is growing exponentially with each passing day. Having begun his social media career on Facebook and Instagram, Ashish gained national visibility after he began posting his videos on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform where anyone can almost miraculously become popular overnight. However, for such a popularity to be a long-term phenomenon, originality, creativity and the right channeling of talents is required. Many artists fade away after spending a short amount of time in the limelight, but some like those mentioned above garner the love and respect of all for years, entertaining and giving back the love they receive manifold over time.

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