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Elon Reeve Musk the brain behind SpaceX, Tesla Motors, SolarCity and PayPal had a humble beginning in South Africa and a young adulthood full of struggles. His out of the box thinking made him who he is today; a thinker, pioneer, inventor and entrepreneur. Today, Musk is involved in designing electric cars, a futuristic transportation system called the Hyperloop and spaceships.

The unique personality of Musk reflects critical thinking, self-reflection, extreme hard work and perseverance. He is known to work more than one-hundred hours in a week and play by rules that are completely different from the majority, making him a prominent God-like entity in the Silicon Valley.

What can we learn from Elon Musk’s take on entrepreneurship? Read on to find out.

Do not be afraid to dream big 

The world often teaches us to withdraw our dreams by putting too many obstacles before us and breaking our determination too early. The trick is to keep imagining because the dreamers who are unafraid are the ultimate winners.  Sometimes our dreams might look like they are too big or impossible to attain. Others may ridicule us for trying to achieve what they themselves consider impossible. For instance, Musk has faced criticism for wanting to build reusable rockets and a high-speed transportation system called the Hyperloop, but his dauntless will and grit is enough to silence his critics.

Think globally 

Do not restrict your ideas to your region, or only to your country. When imagining your business, think about great marketing moves to appeal to customers beyond geographical boundaries. Motivate yourself by thinking about the rewards of such a feat, which other entrepreneurs would be afraid to dream of. For example, Musk intends to bring global Wi-Fi accessibility, which so far has not been experimented with by any other entrepreneur.

Embrace the unknown and work on gaining from it

Innovation is the name of the game. A product which is not known to the rest of the world will have zero competitors for a time until you can safely launch it in the market and make a business out of. The time in which others copy your product and emerge as competitors, you will have had another novel innovation. Moral of the story? Turn new ideas into your forte and do not hold yourself back from moving forward with them.

Musk’s recent venture known as Neuralink is an unprecedented combination of neurosurgery and futuristic technology. The startup intends to link brain cells directly to electronic devices through cybernetic implants which will allow an interface between the brain and computer programs via gadgets.

As is evident, Elon Musk takes thinking out of the box to a whole new level. The achievements he has accomplished are unparalleled, creating history in the world of business as well as science. The lesson we can learn from him is very simple: Learn to lead or be blindly led, it is your choice.

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